If getting a head dyed AND strung, purchase BOTH services.




Purchase: Be sure to choose the correct color. Shipping fee will be used for your return label.


Pack & Ship: Send your head(s) to my address.

Always keep the tracking numbers for your records! You can provide them for safe keeping on the "Tracking Number Input" page.


Alex Poole Lacrosse

6917 Shannopin Dr.

Apt #1225

Charlotte, NC



String: I will dye your head(s) with the color chosen.


Receive: Your head(s) will be sent back to you as soon as they are done. Just sit back, relax, and wait for your new work of art!


Dye Color
Custom add-ons

Lax Dip is the only dye in the world formulated specifically for lacrosse heads. They offer an incredible array of dye colors (40+), with some mixtures powerful enough to dye metal and concrete! Bold, bright, and beautiful is what you'll get with LaxDip every time. They are my one and only choice for dyeing lacrosse heads.

Proudly customized in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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