Purchase: Be sure to choose the correct pocket specs, materials, and colors  ➔  ADD A DYE


String: I will string your head(s) with the pocket specs, materials, and colors chosen.


Receive: Your head(s) will be sent back to you as soon as they are done. Just sit back, relax, and wait for the best stringing you've ever had!

MARK 2G - Custom Strung

Head Color
Choice of Mesh
Sidewall Color
Shooting String Color
Shooting Nylon Color
Throat String Color

The Mark 2G is built for Goalies. It's designed from top to bottom for more saves, better outlets, and faster hands.


  • Faster hands: By eliminating unnecessary weight, you get a lighter, more aerodynamic head to help you make more saves and quicker outlets.

  • More saves: Optimized surface area and slight forward offset give you the best chance at stopping the ball.

  • Ultimate customization: 42 stringing holes on each sidewall allow for unrivaled options and fine-tuning.

  • No more head rattle: The optional Locking Bolt goes through the front and back, securing the head from both sides to stop head rattle.

Proudly customized in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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