"As one of the first customers, I have refused to have anyone touch my sticks since my sophomore year of college. The top notch quality and craftsmanship put into each individual stick is second to none. Alex personalizes the stick to you as he tailors everything personally to the liking and style of each player. Even after the stringing he continues the make sure the stick is still dropping dimes... If it has has changed he will make the changes necessary to make your stick amazing. I encourage players from beginner to college to have their stick done up by Alex."

Dalton L. // Midfielder
North Carolina

"Thanks for everything - you're a great stringer and a great guy. I wouldn't send my head anywhere else. Took it out of the package and it was ready to go right away. The communication was great and the turnaround time was even better. You definitely know lacrosse, and you're great with people. You've changed everything I've ever thought about stringing. If someone doesn't have you string their head, they might as well not play because they won't find better anywhere else." 
Michael R. // Midfielder

"Alex's pockets are incredible. I've had multiple people string my sticks before and they all let me down. This stringing broke in and threw great as soon as I got the head back. The faceoff pocket he strung is also perfect for me - he strings it up perfectly so there aren't any extra strings in the way during the draw. Anytime I need a a new rig I know where I'm going first."

Robert B. // FOGO

"In all honesty this kid is a wizard. I seriously have no idea how he does it. I literally don't. For a typical lacrosse d-pole you want a stick that throws as smooth as Justin Beiber's voice on a Friday night, and has more hold than your first clingy high school girlfriend. Well fellow laxers, this guy is able to give you that type of feel when handling the stick. It's honestly unmatched by anyone I know. It's like if you were a mage in Lord of the Rings where would you get your staff from? Well ladies and gentlemen the answer is Gandalf... and this dude is the Gandalf of stringing. If you're looking to take your game to the next level this dude is your guy. Lax on ballers."
Matt H. // LSM

"When I was introduced to the pocket Alex strung for me, I fell in love right away. What made it different than most pockets was the multi function setup it provided. Before this pocket, I would have hold and whip while dodging... then I would pass or shoot and my placement would be off. It had just the right amount of hold and whip. The shooter setup allows for smooth pin point accuracy. After an easy adjustment between sticks I feel I was more accurate, more consistent, and overall had more confidence in my dodging and ball control. I would highly recommend Mr. Poole to any offensive player."
Josh S. // Attack

"The Nike CEO is a great head to begin with but the stellar string job makes it even better. It has the perfect amount of hold and whip and throws consistent and straight every time. By far the best head I have ever had!"
Aiden B. // Attack
New York

"Alex has done nothing but quality work since he has started stringing my sticks. I started letting Alex take over my sticks about a year ago when a friend pointed me in his direction... as I said before, nothing but solid pockets in return. He sends you feedback on where your stick is in the process of being strung or dyed which was extremely helpful. I would highly suggest him over anyone else. Alex is the guy for a better stick than you have now, I'd contact him if I were you!"
Trey H. // Midfield

"As a first time customer I was very pleased with service. I wanted a nice 6-diamond pocket and everything was done correctly and in an timely fashion. Alex does great work and I would recommend him to anyone."
Anthony M. // Defense

"I have had team members string my head before and also people that work at lacrosse shops, they were okay but the pocket was never really dialed in the way that I like it. I heard about Alex through some friends and I decided to give it a shot. The results were awesome! I got my pocket upgraded and now it is perfect. The pocket that I have now is the best that i've had so far. I highly recommend this guy to any lacrosse player who wants top quality stringing and service."
Bryce W. // Attack
North Carolina

"I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love the Centrik you strung for me. Yesterday in our season opener I had 6 points using it and it's truly the greatest stick i've ever played with. I had 4 assists and 2 goals! I can rip corners and thread the needle with the most accurate passes. I'll be sending my backup stick to be strung the exact same way."
Joe A // Attack
New York

"This is one the best pockets I have used since I have been playing lacrosse. I used to use traditional stringing, once I went to this pocket I never went back to traditional again. It is just like my traditional in almost every way and I really enjoy the way it is strung up and the time and effort he put in stringing it for me."
Louie P. // Midfielder
New Jersey

"I just wanted to give you a quick update: I've used this head for a month every day (pick-up games, practices, shoot-arounds, etc.) I love this thing. It has just the right amount of whip and hold, and not to mention it's crazy accurate! Thanks again!"
Steve J. // Midfielder
New York

"The Regulator I got strung by you throws nothing but dimes. Never in my 5 years of lacrosse have I been able to throw with a brand new head and string job right out of the box... this is the exception. After only 5 minutes I had my mojo back. The wand was throwing like i'de had the setup for a season or 2. All thanks to Alex Poole."
Nate P. // Defense

"Never in my 7 years of playing lacrosse have I had a head that throws with such a perfect amount of whip and has amazing hold. We had our conference game the other day and without a thought I was getting groundballs one-after-another. No one could take the ball away because of how well it was strung."
Aiden J. // Defense

"Extremely impressed and pleased with the fantastic custom dyeing and stringing project this talented young man created! He designed and created an awesome lacrosse head and incorporated everything I asked for! The stringing and artwork came out perfect and my son loves and cherishes his cool FCA themed complete 1 of 1 custom head."
Amanda L. // Parent
New York

"Alex, I can not thank you enough for the amazing recent dye and string job. As someone who doesn't have a single creative bone in his body, the way you were able to take a concept and actually translate it into an awesome looking lacrosse head is unbelievable. The finer details that you added just from getting to know me through conversation, is what separates you from the pack! You truly show interest in your customers and care about their wants and needs. All that and that was just the dye! The string job is impeccable! Matching the strings to the dye job, a perfectly placed, high-performance pocket is exactly what this old coach needs to keep up with the younger generation! I have know doubt that my newest stick will be looking great and performing even better for as long as the Blue Ridge Mountains stay blue! Thank you Alex for helping out and old Bobcat! Can't wait to send off some more old heads for you to dial in!"
Bradley D. // Coach

South Carolina

"Alex strung up an STX Stallion Omega for me and it’s the best head I’ve ever used. Lots of control and feel. In fact, It’s so good that I’m having a second done up the exact same way - and have referred my teammates to him as well!"

Tony O.  // Box Lacrosse


"I knew that the head Alex strung for me was going to be excellent from the reviews, but the head I got surpassed all expectations. In my 13 years of playing lacrosse, it is far and away the BEST head that I have ever used. My passes were tighter, the hold was incredible, and my shots were easily 10+ mph faster and more accurate (not to mention the stringing and colors look amazing). I will never let anyone besides Alex string my heads ever again, and I plan on buying many more!"

Riley G.  // Box Lacrosse


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