While at Lees-McRae College in 2014, I decided to start my own lacrosse business. I thought since I was already stringing for all of my teammates, why not string for everyone? I strive to be a recognizable face in the lax community who is trusted, respected, and known for providing elite performance and the best stick customization in the world.


I started playing lacrosse my junior year of high-school and immediately became obsessed with the sport. Everything from the physicality, to the skill needed; all the way down to the equipment customization. I played LSM and Close Defense collegiately at Lees-McRae College where I earned my Bachelor's in Sports Administration. Being a defenseman with an offensive mindset, I acquired an appetite for the ball in my stick - which ultimately helped me become a very well-rounded stringer.


After having my heads strung by teammates with incredibly inconsistent performance I decided to take control of and learned how to string. Having an artistic background helped me pick up stringing, dyeing, and overall head customization rather quickly - and I attribute this decision to getting my skill level where it is today. It not only taught me my way around a lacrosse head, but it got me on the wall for hours upon hours every single day. It was there that I learned the subtle nuances of stringing, such as how separate patterns and shooter

set-ups differentiate performance. After years of this trial and error process I *like to think* I'm one of the most efficient, effective, and knowledgeable stringers in the lacrosse community.

Proudly customized in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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